Play safe – socially distanced play

  • Low maintenance – fast & simple to clean, easy access, just wipe
  • Space efficient – use minimal floorspace, plus options for wall mounted/table top, play as furniture
  • Affordable – Choices starting around $500
  • Easy installation – From easy self installation to simple plug & play

Digital Interactive Play

Kidzpace Touch2Play

The ideal game for your waiting room, lobby or showroom. With its multiple mounting options and a durable, space efficient design it’s a great addition to any location. Easy-to-play for all ages. Games are family rated with no violence or questionable content! Multiple colors available. 22”(55.9cm)w x 14 1/4”(36.2cm)h x 4 1/8”(10.5cm)d

  • Large 21” HD screen
  • Tough, durable, secure.
  • 70 great games.
  • Multi-touch/Multi-player games, true 2 player ability
  • Access only web sites of your choosing in total security.
  • Run videos or display ad screens to promote products or services.
  • News and weather are available.
  • Easy to install, and plug & play

Kidzpace Family Entertainment Table

The exciting Family Entertainment Table will be the main feature of any room!

2 to 6 players enjoy playing head to head games such as Foosball, Bloop, Air Hockey and Mini Racers or taking their turn at Bowling, Chess or Finger Soccer. 42 7/8”(108.9cm)l x 25 1/2”(64.77cm)w x 24”(61cm)h

  • Huge 43” multi-touch high definition screen.
  • Games for all ages – from toddlers to grandparents, teens and tweens
  • Innovative design allows play from all 4 sides.
  • 14 games.
  • Extremely durable glass surface is also waterproof

Nunoerin Sparkle Light Tables & Benches

Playfully glowing lights dance magically on the surfaces of this furniture, shifting color in response to touch! Huge range of styles and sizes complement restaurants, play areas, retail and health care.

Nunoerin UCreate Tables, Panels & tablets

Educational and creative games feature painting, coloring, puzzles, and user generated content.


Soft Play Stomp

Tons of action in a small space. All ages can play each in a fun, friendly, challenging competition that’s fun to watch and play. Players run, jump, and stomp their way to the top score. Stomp responds with fun light and sound effects every time a player steps, runs or jumps on the pressure pads.
For 1-4 players, no age or size limit, super active & plug & play.

Soft Play Digital Keyboard

Wallmounted to fit any space, realistic piano sounds in an oversize keyboard. adjustable sound levels, plays any age.



Soft Play PlayMe Digital Game

With 117 different games to choose from in a durable wallmounted cabinet, it’s easy to make everyone happy.




Toddler Play

Keebee Play panels & houses

Safe, rugged and durable, easy to install, clean & service. Play learning that is engaging, interesting and fun is what you find in this collection of skill testing play panels in a huge range of standard designs for wallmounting, freestanding modular structures, and unique custom designs for any area with family traffic. 

Freestanding play

Soft Play Concerto

Encourage creativity and let children build their musical abilities with our line of Vibes xylophones, Congas, Cabasa, and Chimes. Designed to be easily accessible to children of all abilities. Rich accurate sounds allow kids to make real songs, collaborate & have fun. Choose 1 or the full set.


Soft Play Play Panels

Perfect with any indoor commercial playground or as stand-alone features. Lets kids Learn with music and logic games; Imagine with role play models; Enjoy with bright colors, sounds, textures; Build social skills learning to play together or share. So many to choose from!



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