Why professional service?


Installing, Inspecting & Repairing your indoor playground – why not DIY?

Since your indoor playground is such a substantial investment, saving on its maintenance by DIY should make sense, right? It’s BECAUSE it’s such a substantial investment that professional service makes better sense! Here are 6 reasons why…

1.  Childrens’ safety

Although it’s the parents or caregivers who pay admission, your real customers are children. Making their safety your priority is not only the best thing to do from a social justice perspective, but it makes the best business sense. Following industry standards and certified inspection procedures lower your risk of causing injury, and gain the appreciation and loyalty of your visitors.

2.  Knowledge of industry standards

Today’s indoor playgrounds are much more complex than ever. It is an ongoing challenge to keep up with an understanding of multiple obstacles, moving and electronic components, new materials, finishes and ways of manipulating the equipment. Without professional training, and since manufacturers do not provide technical information or updates on any of the manufacturing or maintenance standards of the equipment, it’s virtually impossible for the average business owner to know the equipment well.

3.  Trained inspectors

Would you have inspected your own house before buying it? Do you bring your car to the garage or dealer for its regular checkups and maintenance? We’re guessing answers are NO and YES! The expression “the devil’s in the details” was never more true than for indoor playgrounds. There are virtually dozens of details to verify weekly, monthly and annually on any play structure, and even the most diligent operator could not accomplish this without full training. Trained/certified inspectors can quickly and securely ensure your playpark is safe, and signal any issues to address before they become a concern.

4.  Time efficient = cost efficient

An experienced technician can perform many complex safety repairs in half the time of even a skilled individual operator. It’s true that a trained tech will likely cost more per hour than a local handyman or than your own DIY efforts, but the payback comes in the form minimizing downtime, and because time is saved the true cost of repairs is typically far less than imagined.

5.  Right parts

Sometimes it’s to save cost, other times it’s simply due to lack of product knowledge. These are the reasons why incorrect replacement parts are so often seen on indoor playgrounds. Dangerous tie wraps from the hardware store, improper netting that won’t last or isn’t properly secured; protruding bolts with sharp edges; gaps that are pinch or shear hazards. These are just some of the common dangers that occur when the indoor playground manufacturer’s replacement parts are not used. A professional can ensure you are sold the right parts for the job. These last longer, and avoid the risk of customer injury that comes with non-commercial grade replacement parts. In addition, using the wrong parts can sometimes void the manufacturer’s warranty.

6.  Assures the insurers

Ever notice that when you tell your home insurer you have an alarm, your premium can drop? Nothing makes an insurance company happier than reducing their exposure! A regular inspection by a professional playpark technician provides you with the peace of mind you deserve operating a children’s business service, shows your customers you care about their well-being, and may even fulfill a requirement of your insurer, landlord or financial backer.