There are three decisions you have to make and then we can guide you through the rest of the process:

Budget - How much do you have available for a playground? Remember to think of equipment, theming if desired, installation, freight & taxes.

Space – What’s the exact size of your space, including clear height? What is the desired footprint of your park, including its width, depth and height?

Playground objectives – What’s most important to you & your patrons? How many kids does it need to fit? Is it themed? Main age groups? Any “must have” play activities?

Two weeks or less is our usual turnaround time for an initial design and quote. Could be a bit longer if you have a large or complex project that requires theme development.

Soft Play has a great relationship with Marlin Leasing’s Canadian affiliate for eligible customers. Once a unit is designed and quoted, we can put you in touch with the leasing company.

Soft Play warrants our playgrounds will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date the Play Unit installation is completed.

Amusement Concepts is Soft Play certified to ensure quality workmanship and professional service. We also supply all playground parts

For parts, call or email with a good description handy; even better, take a digital picture and e-mail it to us.

Your owner’s manual details the regular checks necessary to ensure your playground continues to be a safe, clean and fun place. It even includes checklists.

ASTM is the American Society of Testing and Measures. They establish the basic safety requirements for most all products and items that people use or interact with. F1918-12 is the governing safety documents for contained playground equipment. A copy can be obtained at

Again, see the owner’s manual! It tells you about the right products and procedures. Remember, never use petroleum based cleaners on the playground equipment because they can damage the equipment and even weaken the structural integrity.

Amusement Concepts can establish regular visits to ensure that your system is maintained at its optimal level.

Both. Our products are made of weather resistant materials and are commonly found outdoors as well as in Aside from some play panels or electrical accessories, most all our products are usable outdoors.

According to ASTM F1918-12, safety flooring is recommended at all entrances and exits of a contained playground. There are many types of safety flooring. All our designs show the area recommended by ASTM and we can include the product & installation for your convenience.

Soft Play does not, but Amusement Concepts does. We cherry pick high quality used structures suitable for reassembly to provide excellent value in “previously played”! Our experts can also reassemble a used structure you obtained elsewhere (that’s how good they are!). Our inventory varies all the time, so just check the “Used equipment” page on the website.

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