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Safety surfacing is like vegetables – not exciting, but you need them and they are good for you. These are interlocking playground tiles engineered with the industry’s highest fall protection standards for playground safety. You get the 4 pillars of playground surfacing … safety, durability, low maintenance & ease of replacement. Oh, and they stay cleaner, last longer, come in infinite colors, & provide a safer more attractive option over poured in place, artificial turf & engineered wood fiber. There. Lots of steak, not so much sizzle!


Safety - In the surfacing biz, the rating system is called HIC (Head Injury Criteria). It calculates how serious the impact injury would be to the head from a fall. Like golf, the lower the score the better. The minimum is 1000. A good rating is 30% lower, so 700. We got 570 HIC. This big margin ensures your playground surface will remain compliant to the standard for the life of the playground. Impressive, no?

Durability - Others use a single stage, “top to bottom” compression method to make their tiles.  SofSURFACES developed a unique system that compresses each tile from three different directions ensuring maximum quality and extreme durability.

Innovative design – Unique design absorbs impact through a mechanical recoil action from these hollow-core pedestals under the tile.

Sustainability -  77% of our raw material supplies come from within 180 miles of our manufacturing site, resulting in less fuel burned in transporting materials and less waste from excess inventory. SofTILE DuraSAFE contains 74%-93% post-consumer recycled content with each tile utilizing a minimum of 1.5 passenger tires in its manufacture.

Impact PedestalSoft Play®

Locking systemSoft Play®  Our KrosLOCK design ensures system will remain tight, secure and vandal-resistant through years of heavy use.

SofTILE Plus Series

Value priced. Lots of colors.


Saddle Brown   Slate Grey   Ocean Blue    Turf Green   Terra Cotta   Midnight Black

SofTILE Premium Series

Multiple patterns, colors and textures available.

Our “In-Play” colored granules provide superior abrasion resistance and color retention, and will not become brittle with age.
Wider range of standard colors and custom color capabilities too.

SofTILE Accessories

When designing the perimeter finish of your SofTILE installation, you can pour a concrete curb based on the exact SofTILE height and site dimension. If a concrete curb is not an option, SofSURFACES® has designed a wide selection of accessories to meet the various edge-treatment challenges.
Inside CornerOutside CornerSofRamp Jr.SofRamp ADA