As the Beatles said, we wanna hold your hand. Through every step of the design process. We listen to your needs & wants, check your budget, then translate them into the ideal playground design. You get 3D plans that are exact technical drawings of your park, not an “artist’s rendering” as is common in the biz. Along with a full description and detailed “no surprises” pricing. And we will refine the design as needed till you are 100% thrilled to get it into your facility.

  • Free Consultation
  • 3D Plan of your Project
  • No Surprise Pricing


Sip your coffee (or tea). That’s how you get your Soft Play park installed. Our service is 100% turnkey. Our certified crew meets, unloads & inventories your park shipment. We supply all tools. We work up to 10 hours/day & 6 days/week. We build to Soft Play & ASTM standards. We clean up and inspect prior to leaving. We include all manpower & mobilization in our fees, so there’s no need or cost for you to provide helpers. Oh, and we can install any brand of structure for you as well!

  • Complete Turn Key Service
  • Certified Technicians
  • We meet ASTM & SoftPlay Standards


Trained & experienced technicians provide a detailed 80+ point park safety review with on-the-spot repair estimates. Teams travel with a warehouse-on-wheels so repairs can be done immediately to minimize your travel, shipping & downtime costs. Reduce your liability with our professional assessment & documentation.

  • 80 Point Inspection
  • Real Time Repair Estimate
  • On-Site Mobile Repair Center
  • Comprehensive Documentation

Maintenance & Repair

Want to reduce your long term upkeep? Then let us fix the small problems before they grow. Certified techs are at your service for regular maintenance or emergency repairs. We fix any brand of indoor playground too.

  • Long Term Savings
  • Emergency Services
  • We Maintain All Play Structures

Deep Cleaning

Restore playgrounds to their original condition Use VAPOR cleaners with superheated water that removes buildup & kills 99% of bacteria. Better than steam!

  • Clean all interior & exterior surfaces
  • Remove dust from structure, window sills, etc
  • Remove residue between joints, eliminate odours
  • Reach inaccessible high spots
  • Dismantle & reinstall sections of park for cleaning
  • Remove graffiti


We can improve and update your current structure with our ReFresh Program. A basic ReFresh can include new netting & post pads for a fresh look. Add graphics or theming for more impact. Build onto or into the park with unique new play activities to increase play value & drawing power. We truly can teach an old dog new tricks!

  • Improve or Update Structures
  • Refresh the Look of your Structure

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COVID-19: Amusement Concepts - staying safe so that you can stay open for business

Amusement Concepts is actively monitoring the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19. We have deployed specific action plans, ensuring the well-being and security of our you, our valued customers and the communities to which you belong, as well as our employees and their ability to serve you – without risk or disruption. We combined remote work capabilities and strict working protocols that enable us to continue to provide the product information, design services and order fulfillment you have come to expect from us. We are also able to provide limited field support, within the evolving constraints of Federal, Provincial and local governmental recommendations. You can reach us through phone and email. We are hard at work striving to provide you with the same level of operational support that you have come to expect from us over the last 25 years. We greatly appreciate your patience and support during this unprecedented global experience. Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty. We are looking forward to moving forward together. Stay safe.