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Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes
“We are thrilled to introduce some of our newest Soft Play® Indoor Playground installations! All across Ontario, Quebec & the Atlantic region we have deployed our intrepid technicians to enhance these family oriented destinations with inspiring new designs and play features that will surprise and please customers, and inspire even more visits! As always, we remain available to answer any questions you may have about our Play Structures... Thank you for viewing!”


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You are in great company! Here is what people are saying about our past projects:

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Brian Lidster, Director of Engineering, Operations & Projects
“The install went incredibly smooth and your crew was quick, courteous and knowledgeable. For the most part, we didn’t even know they were here! All the Ripley’s employees here are thrilled with the new structure as it’s truly given the Discovery Centre a fresh vibe. Thanks again for your professionalism and attentiveness to the project. Again, well done. Pass along my gratitude to the installing team. They truly were the best.”

Hotel, Best Western Cairn Croft

Fred Cade, Operator
“The park looks great inside our courtyard, very impactful. Guests are reacting very positively. I didn’t realize how much effort was involved in the install process – they worked their tails off, were very thorough. The completed park is very solid and safe. I’m very happy with Soft Play and Amusement Concepts, very happy with the end result.”

Best Western Cairn Croft

Best Western Cairn Croft

YMCA Northumberland

YMCA Northumberland

YMCA Northumberland

Health & Fitness, YMCA, ON

Keith Publicover, Assets Manager
“Amusement Concepts gave us exactly what we needed for the Y and its families. We had over 600 visitors our first weekend, and over 100 per day all through the week. The Soft Play park is full of active play, and we got exactly what we wanted. As a supplier they really listened and worked on the design until it matched our wish list.”

Health & Fitness, Sports Clubs of Canada, Don Mills, ON

Childcare Manager
“It makes child care and the sports club more exciting. Parents come from other clubs because of the play. We even get birthday parties, with 125 kids/month paying to celebrate. I love it. It’s designed perfectly to fit our compact space, with room for other games and seating. It suits our needs perfectly and is holding up well.”


McDonald’s Owner
“Thank You. The process was a 10 on 10. You have the best Team in the system. They work hard & take immense pride with the assembly of the hardware. You truly “out service” the competition. Thank you for the continued partnership!”

McDonald's Midland, On

McDonald’s Owner
”Soft Play’s plan had superior playability. The design is outstanding in appearance. I was impressed by Amusement Concepts’ service - drove out to my house, explained the plans in detail, always called back. I’m glad I selected Soft Play & Amusement Concepts. I got superior play value & reliability for the dollar.”

McDonald's Peterborough, ON

“Great work by the installers. They worked long and hard to get us open on time. They walked me through every detail of the plan, even made me crawl through the park. We also got more play than other designs. It’s the most interactive we saw and it turned out tough as can be! The design is very user friendly & customer response has been great”.

McDonald's Niagara Falls, ON

McDonald’s Owner
“Kids love the park, especially the tree climb, it’s distinctive & different. Amusement Concepts has given me excellent service over the years, before & after the sale. They take the time to understand my market & make the best recommendation. I got the best value and a truly unique concept”.




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