Since 1994 Amusement Concepts has answered hundreds, no, thousands of questions about all aspects of indoor playground ownership. Topping the list - the advantages of one product over another, what makes the best design, and defining value. In our featured articles, we will answer the most common questions potential investors have about indoor playgrounds and other types of commercial play equipment. We welcome any comments or additional question(s) you may have about anything from the cost of acquisition to long-term maintenance to what are kids’ favorite activities. We hope you find the articles informative!

When designed with the end-user in mind, indoor playgrounds are a great added-value activity that will drive a strong return on your investment. Offering a diverse, well designed  indoor play structure like this one by Soft Play will have your customers coming back for more. Pricing is a unique process with regards to soft contained indoor playgrounds.
Why are we called Amusement Concepts Play-Experts? Since 1994 we have been designing, installing and then servicing Canada’s best indoor playgrounds. With 1,000’s of hours experience, we’ve become true experts at helping you keep that new playpark in top shape, and we’d like to share our thoughts on operations, maintenance, inspecting and cleaning! Operation Guidelines
In our third instalment we cover the FAQ’s of your indoor playground design. What questions should be asked by someone planning an indoor playground for their business? Planning your family entertainment centre is exciting, but can also be daunting. In many cases, indoor playgrounds are like an unfamiliar mountain to climb, one that can make

Why professional service?

Installing, Inspecting & Repairing your indoor playground – why not DIY? Since your indoor playground is such a substantial investment, saving on its maintenance by DIY should make sense, right? It’s BECAUSE it’s such a substantial investment that professional service makes better sense! Here are 6 reasons why… 1.  Childrens’ safety Although it’s the parents or