Our newest Attractions Soft Play® Indoor Playground installations!

New PlayParks!

Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes
“We are thrilled to introduce some of our newest Soft Play® Indoor Playground installations! All across Ontario, Quebec & the Atlantic region we have deployed our intrepid technicians to enhance these family oriented destinations with inspiring new designs and play features that will surprise and please customers, and inspire even more visits! As always, we remain available to answer any questions you may have about our Play Structures... Thank you for viewing!”


This incredible family attraction, in Toronto, is one of Canad’s premier destinations, welcoming over 10 million visitors since its opening. This year, Ripley’s chose Amusement Concepts & Soft Play® to revitalize its play area with this totally custom under the sea themed playpark. Kids enjoy its 26 unique play events, experiencing them surrounded by 3D Puffer fish, Jelly Fish, Coral Reef, Octopus, Shark & more!


As Atlantic Canada’s largest entertainment centre, Kingswood partnered with Amusement Concepts for their new addition to this 80,000 sq.ft. complex. We created this towering playpark over 20’ tall with 25 unique play events. Features such as its 3 huge slides, built in rock climbing, 10’ tall Pogo Power, and floating observation decks offer a big play experience to live up to Kingswood’s motto “family entertainment at its best”.


To promote Lego’s newest Ninjago collection, Ontario’s Legoland Discovery Centers commissioned us to create a one-of-a-kind playground in the form of a full scale replica of a real Ninjago LEGO set, the Temple of Airjitzu. This play for all ages design features 3D theming adorning all facades. Inside, 119 happy kids can play through its 33 events. In addition to countless climbs, slides, and obstacles, it features the most unique attractions available – a huge Spinning “Fun House” Barrel, 10’ tall bouncing Pogo Power, and even an Infinity Floor!