City M Air Purifier

Camfil’s City M Air Purifier removes particulate using cleanroom level HEPA filters and gaseous contaminants using its exclusive pleated adsorbent media. The City M acts as a stand-alone air cleaner for maximum purification, or as a supplement to existing ventilation systems. Pollens, bacteria, fungi, household dust, pet dander, particle emissions from building materials and furniture, and atmospheric dust are removed with an efficiency of at least 99.95%. The City M adsorber filter section removes contaminants such as ozone, organic gases and odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as chemical contaminants.

City M Air Purifier

Camfil is the largest air filter manufacturer in the world, providing the highest quality systems to protect people, processes and equipment. The filters used in the City M are of the same quality used in high level cleanrooms, operating suites and hazardous contaminant applications.

  • Each H13 filter is scan tested and certified in factory ensuring 99.95% filtration efficiency
  • Sealed case construction assures all of the air moving through the unit is purified
  • 1 ½ - 2 times the filter life for cost savings
  • Removes airborne particulates, viruses, and bacteria
  • Removes odour through molecular filtration layer
  • Quiet & energy efficient - 50% less energy consumption than competing units
  • Compact size 340 x 720 x 345 (mm)/ 13” X 13” X 28”
  • Light weight 16kg/35.2lbs

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